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Take Part In The Next Generation of Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Treatment

Invisible Trial System Spinal Cord StimulationIf you’ve read this far, you’re obviously interested in Spinal Cord Stimulation [1]. Or maybe you’ve already had a Stimulator Trial and didn’t like the experience. Then again, perhaps you’re considering a trial but are afraid to move forward because it sounds kind of intense with all the wires.

The Ainsworth Institute of Pain Management has partnered with St. Jude Medical to offer a revolutionary new procedure that is set to change the whole way Spinal Cord Stimulation is performed…

And it’s available right now...exclusively through St Jude!

Invisible Trial System Spinal Cord Stimulation
Do away with the wires and the pain!

In the past, if you chose to take part in the SCS trial, you would have to deal with a wire sticking out of your back for the duration of the procedure. This wire would then attach to pager-like device you’d have to carry around your waist in a belt bag. If that wasn’t bad enough, the handheld remote you used to control the intensity of the treatment had to be connected to the pager in the belt bag by, you guessed it, another wire.

If this sounds like a bit much, you’re not alone – 69% of patients who had this type of experience with the stimulator trial withdrew from the treatment because they disliked the wires, among other reasons [2].

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It’s no surprise that a lot of people undergoing an SCS trial found it a real disturbance in their everyday life. In fact, some people found the inconvenience so distracting it was hard for them to tell if the treatment even worked or not. Because they were physically connected to the unit in the belt bag, people had to modify their basic everyday activities like dressing, undressing and washing around the wire coming out of their back – not to mention having to be constantly aware they didn’t get themselves caught on a door knob just walking out of their bedroom!

ipad iphone itouch invisible trial spinal cord stimulation
That’s all about to become a thing of the past with St. Jude Medical’s “Invisible Trial System”. This cutting edge and user friendly system incorporates Apple’s wireless mobile technology to provide the patient with a free and unrestricted SCS trial that’s as close to the permanent implant as possible.

With the Invisible Trial System there are no wires – just you and an iPod Touch. St. Jude has teamed with Apple to offer a trial experience that is truly up to today’s technologic standards.   You regulate the level of pain control wirelessly through Bluetooth using an app on the iPod – it’s that easy!  It is a cinch to use, even if you are not familiar with Apple technology.  You click, the device does the rest.

St. Jude Medical’s “Invisible Trial System”
Why not give yourself the best chance of success to become pain free?  The Invisible Trial System is offered exclusively through St Jude Medical and will be available as part of a limited release at the Ainsworth Institute.  Contact our office today to see if you are a candidate for this breakthrough treatment option.

If you’re considering getting a Spinal Cord Stimulator trial, make it an Invisible One!  The doctors at the Ainsworth Institute our experts in the field of Spinal Cord Stimulation and are proud to offer the only Stimulation Trial System without wires. Take a step into the future and do it the Wireless Way.

St Jude Medical has been leading the way in innovation for spinal cord stimulation and has done it once again with the Invisible Trial System.  The Ainsworth Institute of Pain Management is proud to partner with St Jude to be able to offer this amazing breakthrough in medical technology.  If you would like to find out more, call and schedule a consult today. 
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[1] SCS is a state-of-the-art procedure that has yielded results for patients with pain in their back or limbs who have not found relief from any other treatments. In SCS, and electrical pulse is delivered directly to the spine, blocking certain neuron fibers’ access to the brain and consequently the brain’s ability to sense the previously perceived pain. Patients who qualify for this procedure report up to a 70% reduction in pain.
[2] Oakley, J.C., Krames, E.S., Prager, J.P., Stamatos, J., Foster, A.M., Weiner, R.,…Henderson, J. (2007). A new spinal cord stimulation system effectively relieves chronic, intractable pain: a multicenter prospective clinical study. Neuromodulation , 10(3), 262-278.