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Hydrodissection – Science or Science Fiction

Hydrodissection, Pudendal Neuralgia, Pelvic Pain, Levator Ani Syndrome, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

In the last 7 years, I have witnessed an explosion of innovation in the field of pain management - treatments ranging from advanced waveforms to block pain signals in the spinal cord (i.e. BurstDR) to dorsal root ganglion stimulation, small titanium spacers to treat spinal stenosis to allogeneic grafts for reversing degenerative disc disease.  The beauty of this second renaissance in the specialty was that all of these treatments were evidence-based...they all had research and evidence to prove that they were safe and most of all that they were effective. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed a number of imposter treatments come out over the last few years as well, all posing as cutting-edge and claiming to be "the next big thing" but in reality they are nothing but snake oil with no evidence to speak of...just good marketing.  These treatments…

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