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Better Living Through Chemistry

Ainsworth Institute

Infusion therapy is becoming increasingly more popular for treating patients with neuropathy, chronic pain and depression. The reasons are simple…the ease with which it can be performed and the results are astonishing. Depending on the agent used, the infusion session can completed in as little time as 30 minutes. There are a variety of different medications your doctor can use to perform the infusion, including Lidocaine, Ketamine, IVIG, Magnesium and the list goes on. Once your doctor places the IV line in your arm or hand, the hard work is over. The only thing left to do is making yourself comfortable and let the medication work its magic. In many cases the effect is immediate. Infusion therapy is covered by most insurances and considered an appropriate treatment for a variety of types of pain. Certain types of infusion (IVIG for…

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